Citizens Lobbying for Animals in Zoos

Advocating for Ethical Zoos and Compassionate Conservation.

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The truth about the zoo industry —


❌ Neglectful

Thousands of animals are living in cruel, antiquated conditions in “Accredited” Zoos.

❌ Dishonest

“Species Survival” means breeding animals to keep zoo shelves stocked.

❌ Dangerous

Zoos continue to extract animals like elephants from the wild.

❌ Unethical

Animals are treated like commodities transferred from one zoo to another.


Change is Here.


The Zoo Industry is broken. Let’s change it, together.

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Zoo Animal Bill of Rights.

Captive animals deserve basic rights and modern facilities that reflect their needs and the lives they would lead in the wild.

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Real Conservation.

We need to talk about what conservation means. Zoos must end extractions from the wild and start protecting wild species and their habitats.

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Excellence In Zoo Management.

Cities need zoo management that is transparent, accountable and honest. This means collaborating with citizens and animal rights organizations.

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A Refuge - Not a Way Station.

Animals are sentients beings, not commodities. It’s time zoos stop trading animals and start making a lifelong commitment.


For Animals.
For Conservation.

We believe that every creature has a right to live a life free of suffering.

Conservation means protecting species in their native habitats.

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Our Commitment

Dedicated to change.

Investigations expose animal neglect and ensure management is held responsible.

Education campaigns challenge the zoo industry’s double speak about animal welfare and conservation.

Advocacy drives systemic change through legislation, pressure tactics and direct actions.

Collaborations bring conservationists, creatives, politicians and zoo leaders together to create a better life for animals in captivity and in the wild.