Our Vision

For Animals. For Conservation.


Imagine a future where every city on the planet had a conservation hub. A place where citizens could advocate and protect wild species. Where profits protected wild habitats. Where animals where treated with dignity and respect — their natural tendencies honored — each having a basic set of rights.

Today, most zoos make big promises about their commitment to animal welfare and their impact on conservation.  They declare they are at the forefront of conserving wildlife, that seeing animals up close will inspire visitors to become conservationists.

The fact is most zoos have no strategy for conserving wildlife and do very little to meet the needs of their animals — leaving them to suffer in inadequate and substandard conditions.

That's why we exist.   

We are here to disrupt the zoo industry though advocacy, investigations, education campaigns and collaborations with zoos.

It’s time zoos join the 21st century:

Captive animals deserve basic rights and modern facilities that reflect the lives they would lead in the wild.

CLAZ wants a world where Zoos:

- Retire all marine mammals and elephants to sanctuaries.

- Are accountable, transparent and collaborative with citizens.

- Commit to animals for a lifetime and are not traded like commodities.

- Contribute to real conservation efforts that protect species and habitats in the wild.

- Create education programs that inspire citizens to take direct action to protect animals and our natural world.


Justin Barker, Founder