Have you seen something at the zoo that we should know about?


Be a Whistleblower!

Our whistleblower program was created for both zoo visitors and employees to report animal neglect. Please contact CLAZ if you see or hear anything concerning including the following:

  • Animals who show signs of distress ( Pacing, Self-Mutilation, Bar-Biting )

  • Animals who are not receiving adequate or delayed veterinary care.

  • Animals whose need for euthanasia is prolonged or ignored.

  • Animals who are aggressive towards the public or attack fellow animals.

  • Animals in dirty or dangerous housing.

  • Animals without sufficient food, water or proper relief from the elements.

  • Social animals like wolves, elephants, dolphins and the great apes who are kept in isolation.

  • Solitary animals like snow leopard, bears, black rhinoceros, skunks and leopards who are kept in group settings.

  • Members of established social groups who are broken up.

  • Loud events on zoo premises.

We respect the work of zoo employees, how much you care about animals and the struggles you might face working with zoo management who have other priorities. Zoo keepers have been instrumental in our work to reveal neglect in accredited zoos. If you have a tip or information you want to share confidentially, we will always respect your privacy.

Our Confidential Phone Line :

You can leave a message or text our investigation team by telephone at (415) 690-7761

We will take extensive steps to verify any information sent to us and it would be helpful if you share as many details so that we can investigate your claim. 

‬Ideally, you would share the best way to contact you if we have further questions. If you would rather stay anonymous we recommend that you do not use a work related phone and block your number from being displayed:

  1. Enter *67.

  2. Dial (415) 690-7761

  3. Tap Call. The words "Private," "Anonymous," will appear instead of your mobile number.

Our Confidential Submission Form:

If you would like stay anonymous we recommend that you do not use a work related computer and utilize Chrome’s Incognito Window to block your IP address.

We will always respect your privacy.